Jelly Bean heading to Galaxy S II and III

Samsung is eager to get its phones updated to the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile OS.

Galaxy S III update removes local search

Samsung has rolled out an update for its Galaxy S III, but instead of adding functionality, it takes some away.

Galaxy S III sales eclipse 10 million

Just as predicted, Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone has reached 10 million unit sales.

Galaxy S III sales top 6.5 million in Q2

During the second quarter of 2012, it's believed Samsung sold more than 6.5 million Galaxy S III phones.

Galaxy S III sales projected at 10M by July

So how successful has Samsung's newest Android phone been?

T-Mobile solidifies Galaxy S III details

The T-Mobile version of Samsung's Galaxy S III will be the most expensive in the US.

Samsung TecTiles let users program NFC tags

Samsung's hoping to give near field communication (NFC) a whole new set of applications by offering what it calls TecTiles alongside the Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S III loses in iPhone 4 drop test

Samsung's newest phone may have generated a lot of buzz, but it doesn't win this latest test.

Verizon begins Galaxy S III pre-orders

If you're on Verizon, you can lock down your order of the phone that could be the new Android standard.

Samsung Galaxy S III to hit all major carriers

The Galaxy S III will go against the traditional mobile mold and soon be available on every major carrier in the US.

Samsung's S-Voice hits all Android devices

The Samsung equivalent of Siri is spreading throughout the entire Android community.

Galaxy S III sets Android pre-order record

Samsung's Galaxy S III is already breaking pre-order records.

Meet S Voice, Samsung's Siri clone

Surprise, surprise. Someone wants to take on Apple's digital voice-aware assistant.

Galaxy S III pre-orders top 9 million

It looks like Samsung's new Galaxy phone is living up to the hype.

Samsung targets the iPhone with Galaxy S III

Samsung has debuted its long-awaited Galaxy S III, a slick smartphone loaded with some truly sweet and stellar specs that is sure to make even the most diehard Apple iPhone fanboi slightly envious. 

Samsung working on Galaxy equivalent of iPhone 4S?

Samsung will not debut the Galaxy S III at this month's anticipated Mobile World Congress, so what will it debut?

Samsung Galaxy S III will debut by June

The next evolution in Samsung's Galaxy brand will be unveiled within the next four months, but it won't happen this month.

Galaxy S3 will be in 3D

Though 3D phones haven't made a huge splash yet, Samsung is hoping that will change in its next evolution of the Galaxy brand.