Jelly Bean imminent for (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S III

Verizon has confirmed that it will (finally) be rolling out Google's long-awaited Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) upgrade for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone on December 14.

Sharp wants to take on Samsung's Galaxy S III

Sharp says its new 5-inch smartphone can go head-to-head with Samsung's best.

In tit-for-tat, Apple seeks to expand Samsung patent suit

Apple's asked a court to allow it to add six more Samsung products to its patent infringement lawsuit in what's an ever-escalating battle between the two firms.

Samsung's Galaxy S III hits 30 million units

Samsung confirms that sales of its flagship Galaxy SIII smartphone have hit 30 million units in just 150 days.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout expected today

It is expected that the Sprint version of the Galaxy S III might start seeing a rollout to the Android 4.1 update today.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update may be in 2013

It might not be until next year that owners of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone get the latest and greatest version of Android.

Galaxy S III Mini confirmed

Right on schedule, Samsung has confirmed the existence of an impending new version of its Galaxy S III phone.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean soon

Samsung has officially posted that its Galaxy S III phones will be upgraded to Android 4.1 "soon."

Galaxy S III "Mini" rumors pop up

Samsung is holding an event next week, prompting rumors the company will unveil a smaller version of the wildly popular Galaxy S III.

LG sues Samsung over OLED patents

Talk about kicking a man while he's down.

Samsung Galaxy vulnerability is quashed

Samsung has responded to the news that created shock waves yesterday.

Galaxy S III vulnerable to hack

The single biggest rival to the iPhone has been exposed as being vulnerable to a remote access hack.

Galaxy S III will reach 30 million in 2012

There are still millions more Samsung Galaxy S III units to be sold.

Galaxy S III dethrones iPhone 4S

For the first time since the launch of the iPhone 4S, it is not the #1 smartphone in America.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming next month

We're finally getting a solid time frame on Samsung's flagship phone getting pushed to the latest version of Android.

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update may be imminent

The latest version of Google's Android will soon be going live on Samsung's latest flagship smartphone.

Galaxy S III 64 GB model on the way

If you absolutely positively need to have everything on your phone, Samsung has you covered.

Jelly Bean update leaked for Galaxy S III

The latest version of Android is finding its way to Samsung's hugely successful Galaxy S III phone.

Mobile phone sales slightly decline

Although it seems impossible to comprehend, the mobile phone market has shrunk slightly compared to last year.

Black Galaxy S III on the way

A new version of Samsung's Galaxy S III is on the way.