Galaxy S II will get Jelly Bean in November

It's expected Samsung's Galaxy S II will be upgraded to Android 4.1 in two months.

Galaxy S II will in fact receive Jelly Bean

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S II will receive the Android 4.1 update.

Jelly Bean fate on Galaxy S II unclear

After confirming that Android 4.1 will be hitting the Galaxy S III, Samsung is a bit less clear on the phone's predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note to get Jelly Bean

The work of rolling out Android updates is a never-ending process.

Jelly Bean heading to Galaxy S II and III

Samsung is eager to get its phones updated to the latest and greatest version of Google's mobile OS.

T-Mobile Galaxy S II finishes Ice Cream Sandwich update

After a long delay, Samsung's Galaxy S II line is getting the newest version of Android.

Galaxy S II Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich ROM spotted

A fully working version of Android 4.0 is now available for Samsung's Galaxy S II phone.

After delay, Galaxy S II goes to Android 4.0

After slightly being pushed back, Samsung's Galaxy S II phone is ready for an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade.

Galaxy S II to hit Android 4.0 March 1

It's being reported that Samsung's Galaxy S II might well be the next major handset to go to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus pic spotted

A picture of what will likely be Samsung's most important phone at this month's Mobile World Congress has been released to the wild.

Samsung's new Galaxy S2 phone is the Skyrocket

Launching on AT&T, the latest device to go under Samsung's "Galaxy" portfolio is called the Skyrocket HD.

Samsung Galaxy S II will chomp into Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung is throwing its hat into the ring of Ice Cream Sandwich announcements.

Samsung finds loophole in smartphone ban

There's a new chapter in the legal battle between Samsung and Apple. Advantage Samsung.

Galaxy S2, not iPhone, wins 2011 smartphone award

At the fifth annual T3 Awards show, it was Samsung's Galaxy S II, not Apple's iPhone 4, that was voted as the top smartphone of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S II will be here in September

Samsung's latest Android-powered smartphone models will be available next month, but as expected Verizon will not be  carrying it.

Samsung Galaxy S II not heading to Verizon

Samsung's powerful next-generation smartphone will be going to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but not Verizon, and that's Verizon's decision.

Samsung has sold 5 million GALAXY S II phones

Samsung is really moving those new GALAXY S II phones. They’ve already sold 5 million of them and they aren’t even for sale in the U.S. yet.

Analyst: Galaxy S II sets the Android bar

Does Samsung's sleek Galaxy S II effectively set the bar for Android devices and other smartphones?

Video: Overclocked Galaxy S II hits 1.504GHz

An XDA Dev member has managed to successfully overclock a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone to an impressive 1.504GHz.

Samsung confirms 3 million Galaxy S II pre-orders

Samsung says it managed to clinch a whopping three million Galaxy S II (global) pre-orders.