Open webOS arrives on LiveCD

Enthusiasm for HP’s (Palm) webOS remains quite high, even if the industry heavyweight is no longer actively promoting the open source OS.

Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 getting Android 4.1.2

While millions of Android users are still waiting to be upgraded out of Android 2.3, Google is already updating a few of its already-fully-updated devices to a new version of Android.

Samsung responds to Nexus ban overturn

Samsung has issued a formal response to a judge's decision to overturn a ban on the Galaxy Nexus phone.

Galaxy Nexus gets Jelly Bean

Although it should have been the first to receive an upgrade, Sprint's Galaxy Nexus is now finally getting Jelly Bean.

Verizon preventing Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean

If you have a Galaxy Nexus phone and don't have the latest version of Android yet, blame Verizon.

Judge tells Apple lawyer he's 'smoking crack'

The legal system is getting quite the run for its money with this Samsung-Apple lawsuit.

Android 4.1.1 update hits Nexus 7

It looks like Google is making good on its promise to keep its newest device as up-to-date as possible.

Google explains Ice Cream Sandwich delays

For the first time, Google is telling users why updates to the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have taken so long.

Google offers unlocked Galaxy Nexus

Google has decided to offer its Galaxy Nexus phone direct to consumers.

Galaxy Nexus LTE leaked to be hitting Sprint April 22

An LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus may be hitting Sprint in a couple weeks.

Android 4.0.4 comes to Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Nexus

Google has updated its newest version of Android, bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to version 4.0.4.

Ice Cream Sandwich update hits Nexus, Xoom

While more than 97% of Android devices still haven't received an Ice Cream Sandwich update, Google is already updating the few devices that are already running ICS.

Samsung smartphone brand awareness explodes

A new survey shows that consumers are starting to rally around Samsung when it comes to thinking about their next smartphone.

Galaxy Nexus may be heading to Sprint

The latest version of the Google-optimized smartphone line may have Sprint in its future.

Ice Cream Sandwich penetration is 0.6%

The latest Android fragmentation numbers are in.

Update coming to Galaxy Nexus

It's the most up-to-date Android phone currently on the market but Verizon is apparently not fully satisfied with the Galaxy Nexus.

$300 Galaxy Nexus goes on sale

There is yet another $300 phone on sale from Verizon, and this one carries Google's prestigious "Nexus" name.

Galaxy Nexus bug patch now available

Early adopters of the Galaxy Nexus can now rid their phone of an annoying glitch that erratically muted the device at random times.

Samsung hastily fixing Galaxy Nexus bug

The newest phone in the line of Google brainchildren is having some growing pains.

First Ice Cream Sandwich phone ships

The Galaxy Nexus, best known as the first device to feature support for version 4.0 of the Android operating system, is ready for prime time.