Making gadgets smaller, faster and more efficient

University of Cincinnati researchers are discovering how to manipulate light to one day better view the world’s tiniest objects through a super-lens, as well as how to hide an object in plain sight.

Video: Tricked-out Japanese toilet controlled by Android

Japan has long been a favorite destination for those interested in seeing or buying bizarre gadgets. 

That trick never works

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of high-tech gadgets hit the market, flourish for a while, and then die. Some were pretty cool, while others, well, probably not so much.

Step towards transparent gadgets - now, where did I put my phone?

Stanford University scientist Yi Cui says he wants a see-through iPhone - and he's done his bit to help create one by developing a transparent battery.

Gadgets lead to insomnia epidemic

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is warning people that they should turn off electronic gadgets an hour before bedtime, following a survey showing that they can keep you awake at night.

Phone recycling machines set to appear on street corners

How many old phones and other gadgets do you have sitting around at the back of a drawer? You could soon turn them into instant ready cash - and incidentally help the planet - simply by dropping them into a slot.

Peronal fuel cell powers gadgets with water

A Singapore-based company has launched a portable fuel cell that can power gadgets using only water.

Gadgets make the world a happier place, says report

Technology makes people happy, and women benefit even more than men, according to a global study from the British Computer Society.

Bad sex life? Blame the iPhone!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! Yes, women are blaming their lack of sexual satisfaction on seemingly innocent devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone.

Nubile devices replace geezer computers

Hot, young, seksi  gadgets and gizmos  can do just as much as old farty  laptops and desktops. Old 'uns  rage at the wind before afternoon nap.