Android Jelly Bean comes to G1, sort of

It's been four years since the very first Android phone was released, and it looks like it can still play with the new kids on the block.

How LG made an early Android mistake

Did you know LG was supposed to be the manufacturer of the world's first Android phone?

T-Mobile confirms G2, hopes to get back in Android headlines

T-Mobile has updated an online teaser page for its next Android device to show that the first phone to run on its next-gen HSPA+ network will be called the G2.

All Android devices to be upgradeable to 2.1

Hoping to quash concerns that the Android platform has been getting pulled apart and lacking consistency, Google is reportedly going to bring the next major update to all Android devices. The move will hopefully add uniformity to the operating system that is now available on nearly 20 handsets.

Linux Godfather endorses Nexus One smartphone

Linux Godfather Linus Torvalds has offered a ringing endorsement of Google's Nexus One smartphone.