The frozen truth about glaciers, climate change and our future

Lewis Owen has been scraping out icy fragments of history's truth from one of the most glaciated regions on Earth for the past 25 years. His frequent excursions to Tibet and the Himalayas have led the University of Cincinnati professor of geology to some cold, hard facts.

Changing the future of nanotechnology

A new twist on a very old physics technique could have a profound impact on one of the most buzzed-about aspects of nanoscience. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found that their unique method of light-matter interaction analysis appears to be a good way of helping make better semiconductor nanowires.

Does climate engineering have a future?

With global greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase proposals to limit the effects of climate change through the large-scale manipulation of the Earth system are increasingly being discussed.

Unstable Atlantic deep ocean circulation under future climate conditions

Today, deep waters formed in the northern North Atlantic fill approximately half of the deep ocean globally. In the process, this impacts on the circum-Atlantic climate, regional sea level, and soak up much of the excess atmospheric carbon dioxide from industrialisation — helping to moderate the effects of global warming.

Riding an electron wave into the future of microchip fabrication

Advanced plasma-based etching is a key enabler of Moore's Law that observes that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles nearly every two years. It is the plasma's ability to reproduce fine patterns on silicon that makes this scaling possible and has made plasma sources ubiquitous in microchip manufacturing.

Future internet aims to sever links with servers

Researchers have taken the first step towards a radical new architecture for the internet, which they claim will transform the way in which information is shared online, and make it faster and safer to use.

Future electric cars could store energy in panels

Volvo seems to want to be on the cutting edge of electric vehicle research, despite the fact it doesn’t have that much in the way of actual green car offerings as of yet. It’s already been involved in a project that puts power lines in roads to consistently charge EVs passing overhead, and now it is tinkering with energy storage built directly into car panels.

NASA's moon landing remembered today as a promise of a 'future which never happened'

NASA's footage of the first moon landing promised a future of sci-fi heroism that never came to pass, according to a new study.

Is this the future of solar cars?

As the days countdown to the upcoming World Solar Challenge in Australia, in which college student solar car teams race 3000 km across the Outback, the number of vehicles being unveiled continues to creep up. One of the latest is from the University of Minnesota, which took the wraps off its Daedalus entry last Thursday.

Towards a color holographic video future

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have created a new approach to generating holograms that could lead to color holographic-video displays which are significantly cheaper to manufacture than today's experimental, monochromatic displays. The same technique could also increase the resolution of conventional 2-D displays.

Is this the grid of the future?

An 8,000-square-foot, nondescript, two-toned box of a building in Salem, Ore., looking like so many you’d see in a thousand industrial parks, could represent the future of energy management.

Natural gas may be a temporary link to a clean-energy future

With 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it might be that we have crossed the carbon Rubicon.

Understanding the past and predicting the future by looking across space and time

Studying complex systems like ecosystems can get messy, especially when trying to predict how they interact with other big unknowns like climate change.

Why events in the future seem closer than those in the past

Most people typically experience time as if they’re moving toward the future and away from the past.

SHARC - the autonomous police car of the future

The winner of the yearly Design Challenge was recently announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Mercedes SUV of tomorrow powered by fuel cells

Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 - Mercedes Benz is showcasing a concept 2025 G-Class SUV.

The future of urban transport is Toyota's Ha:mo

What if you could navigate major urban centers in a way that best helps you determine more carbon friendly ways to cover longer distances than one might normally walk or bike? 

Google is moving us towards a cloud-centric future

For years we’ve been told to backup our programs and data just in case something bad happened, but we’re entering an age where more and more of our precious data isn’t stored on our PC anymore.

Meet the hyper-connected phone booth of the future

In cities all over the world, old phone booths are sitting around, not doing much of anything. 

What are the possibilities for adaptive reuse for such outdated infrastructure?

On the future of television

When I was a kid my father bought a fancy motorized TV antenna for our roof that could rotate by turning a dial on a box sitting on top of the TV set.