Team solves fusion energy mystery

A multinational team says it's finally explained how the behavior of plasma - the extremely hot gases of nuclear fusion - can be controlled using ultra-thin lithium films on graphite walls lining thermonuclear magnetic fusion devices.

Nuclear fusion nears efficiency break-even

Nuclear fusion is very close to the point where the amount of energy produced by the system equals or surpasses what's been put in.

Record-breaking laser pulse advances hopes of fusion energy

Scientists have fired off the most powerful ever laser pulse, hitting 500 trillion watts.

Fusion simulations show high-gain output

Using simulations, scientists believe they may have found a way to make nuclear fusion a practical proposition.

Sandy Bridge bolsters Intel's market share

Intel expanded its already considerable lead in the global microprocessor market during the second quarter of 2011.

World’s largest fusion experiment restarts after upgrade

Last Friday, the JET fusion power project went back into operation after the installation of the 'ITER-Like Wall'.

Report: AMD prepping two new tablet chips

A leaked slide seems to indicate that AMD is prepping two tablet-optimized APUs which could launch in 2012 and 2013.

The future of Fusion and Llano

Silicon Valley chip expert David Kanter says AMD has "clearly articulated" both a software and hardware roadmap for unified CPU-GPU computing that contains "all the right pieces."  

Discrete graphics all the rage in China

PCs loaded with discrete graphics technology are quite popular in China, with a current attach rate of approximately 80%.

Want DX11? Wait for Ivy Bridge or go Fusion

Intel's recently launched Sandy Bridge platform does not support DX11. So, you can either wait for the next-gen Ivy Bridge, go Fusion (AMD), or buy a laptop that pairs Intel's chipset with a discrete GPU.

AMD at CES: The ATI gamble pays off

Over the last several weeks I’ve been briefed on what most of the PC manufacturers are bringing to the Consumer Electronics show and a surprising amount of laptops are based on AMD Fusion.  

Chip Wars: Mortal combat or stalemate?

The bloody Chip War of Attrition between Intel and AMD appears to have entered a new phase: stalemate. 

MIT finds new mode for fusion reactions

MIT's taken a step closer to practical fusion power with a technique that removes the contaminants that slow fusion reactions.


AMD has finally taken the wraps off its next-gen Fusion APU at Computex 2010.