Reagan's son sets up email service for right-wingers only

Still using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail? You Commie pinko, you. But now, true American patriots have an alternative - Reagan Mail.

Amazon snaps up Deal of the Day - Woot

In what has to be the best explanation to staff ever, Woot CEO Matt Rutledge has announced that the company is to be taken over by Amazon.

Sperm bank for vain people created

A new, virtual sperm and egg bank has been created, enabling really, really shallow people to breed.

Man swipes police website to complain about speed cameras

A Tennessee man found the perfect revenge after he was given a speeding ticket - he bought the local police department's website, and used it to complain.

Paternity order served via Facebook

There really is very little need for real life meeting any more. You can meet a man on Facebook, get dumped on Facebook... and serve the order for a paternity test on Facebook.

Book highlights world's most unfortunate web addresses

If you were looking for professional advice, would you go to Or would you buy art from

Robots party before starting new jobs

There are eleven robots with thumping heads today, one presumes, after the first robot graduation party.

CEO of ID protection firm has his own ID plundered

It must have seemed a great idea at the time: to advertise the effectiveness of your identity protection product by publicising your name and social security number.

Scientist disciplined over fruit bat sex story

As a method of seduction, it's probably not that great. But a scientist at University College, Cork, has been accused of sexual harrassment for showing a colleague a scientific paper on fruitbats.

Woman sues phone company for revealing her affair

For sheer nerve, it takes some beating. A Canadian woman is suing her local phone carrier for invasion of privacy and breach of contract - because her itemized bill let her husband find out she was having an affair.

Hugo Chavez gets 34,000 followers after a single tweet

It's pretty good going to get 34,369 Twitter followers (and counting) after a single tweet - and over 12,000 of those signed up to follow Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez before he'd even typed a word.

British gamers bound for Hell

Thousands of British gamers no longer have an immortal soul - they've signed it over to games retailer GameStation in return for a few hours' play.

Man charged with porn offences after Russian billboard hack

An elderly Russian driver reportedly had a heart attack at the wheel, after a prankster hacked into a mainframe to beam a porn film onto a giant billboard.