Fujitsu debuts Lifebook TH90/P convertible ultrabook

Fujitsu has debuted a hybrid ultra book designed to function as both a high-end notebook and tablet with support for support finger or digital pen input (1024 levels of pressure sensitivity).

Fujitsu lights up servers with Intel's silicon photonics

Intel and Fujitsu have been showing off a new server which uses Intel silicon photonics technology with an Optical PCI Express (OPCIe) design.

Fujitsu gets the hell out of microcontrollers

Japan's Fujitsu is close to selling its mirocontroller chip business to Spansion.

Fujitsu designs a virtual tablet keyboard

Fujitsu recently showcased a prototype virtual tablet keyboard that could eventually replace external and on-screen 'boards.

AMD's Hondo APU powers new Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet

Fujitsu has introduced its Stylistic Q572 Windows 8 tablet which is powered by AMD's Z-60 (x86 Hondo) APU.

Fujitsu showcases Windows 8 hybrid tablet and convertible laptop

Fujitsu has debuted two Windows 8 ready machines that should appeal to those looking to snap up a next-gen portable tablet or notebook.

Japan builds 'good' virus to disable cyber-attacks

With the help of Fujitsu, the Japanese government is developing a computer virus aimed at tracing and disabling cyber-attacks.

Fujitsu debuts Windows 7 smartphone

Fujitsu has announced a new smartphone that is capable of running Windows 7.

This solar powered laptop could be a game changer

American designers Laura Karnath and Carl Burdick believe that "designers can no longer design products which rely on energy and resources as if those things were limitless." 

Fujitsu first to bring glasses-free 3D to computers

When it comes to the world of 3D, computers aren't making a very big wave. There are special graphics cards and 3D glasses that can turn your PC into a 3D machine, but Fujitsu has a better idea.

Hybrid device harvests energy from light and heat

In the future, battery-powered gadgets and gizmos may seem as archaic as old-fashioned wind-up toys. 

Japanese cellphone vendors develop common software platform

Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu and NEC are planning to develop a standardized software platform for their cellphones.