Why you're not getting more miles per gallon

If you're an average motorist, you're driving a car that's vastly more fuel efficient than the one you had in 1980 - and an MIT economist has explained why it almost certainly doesn't feel like it.

Honda 'dreams' of leading fuel efficiency

When Honda sets sets its sights, it really sets them high. The company recently announced goals for its future drive technology at the Tokyo Auto Show.

White House touts new era of fuel efficiency

The Obama administration has clinched an agreement with 13 major automakers to increase fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon for cars and light-duty trucks by 2025.

GM CEO: Raise gas tax so we can sell more fuel-efficient cars

The 2008 taxpayer bailout of General Motors saved them from extinction. Their CEO thinks that the best way to pay back the public is to raise the gas tax, for their own good of course.

Planes should look more like birds, says team

Planes designed to look like birds would be more aerodynamic than traditional shapes, say a pair of engineers in California and South Africa.

Very Light Car carries off X Prize

The Edison2 team clearly put more effort into designing its fuel-efficient car than it did coming up with the name, and it's paid off: the Very Light Car No 98 has earned its designers $5 million from the X Foundation.