Record fine for Google over Safari tracking cookies

Google's been hit with a whacking $22.5 million fine for violating a privacy settlement with the FTC and tracking the activity of Safari users.

Google faces record fine for privacy breach

Google may be forced to pay an unprecedented $22.5 million fine for violating Apple users' privacy, according to reports.

Twitter signs up for Do Not Track

In fewer than 140 characters, Twitter has ended months of pressure by announcing that it's to join the 'Do not Track' initiative.

Myspace settles with FTC over misuse of private data

Moribund social networking service Myspace has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it misled users over the use of their personal information.

RockYou settles with FTC over massive data breach

Social game site RockYou is in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission over a hack that exposed millions of email addresses and passwords to hackers.

FTC urges tighter privacy rules

The FTC is calling for tighter online privacy rules, saying that if companies don't voluntarily introduce a 'do not track' facility, it'll do it for them.

FTC urged to investigate Apple and Google over mobile privacy

Senator Charles E Schumer has called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Apple and Google over allegations that iPhones and Android devices are allowing third party access to users' photos and address books.

Android, iPhone subject to FTC photo privacy probe

High-profile Senator Charles Schumer has called on the FTC to conduct a probe into privacy concerns on the iPhone and Android.

FTC urged to investigate Google over Safari cookies

Three US lawmakers have written to the Federal Trade Commission querying whether Google's been violating a consent agreement that it reached with the FTC last year.

Anonymous-AntiSec in FTC takedown

Hackers linked to Anonymous and AntiSec jacked two websites belonging to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Friday morning.  

EPIC sues FTC over Google privacy changes

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center has launched a lawsuit against the US Federal Trade Commission, aiming to force it to stop Google going through with its planned changes to its privacy policy.

Senators call for deeper Google probe

Two US anti-trust officials have written to the Federal Trade Commission asking for a thorough investigation of Google.

Facebook and FTC settle privacy violation charges

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have clinched a deal to settle charges that the popular social networking site deceived users by sharing their private information.

FTC and Facebook near privacy deal

Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are reportedly close to clinching a settlement over "deceptive practices" related to a number of features on the site, including privacy settings. 

Google lacks market power, says Schmidt

Modest, a glass-half-full sort of guy - or someone that's been ticked off by his lawyers? Google chairman Eric Schmidt has told a Senate antitrust subcommittee that Google doesn't dominate the search market.

Google to face regular privacy inspections

Google's agreed to have its privacy practices monitored for the next 20 years, as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

FTC asked to investigate Facebook privacy

Ten privacy campaign groups have written to the FTC calling for an investigation into Facebook's use of so-called supercookies.

Congressmen demand action on 'supercookies'

Two US lawmakers are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate so-called 'supercookies' - which aren't nearly as yummy as they sound.

Analysis: FTC doles out child privacy fines to app maker

A popular developer for Apple's iOS platform being smacked with a $50,000 fine over child privacy is just one example of the challenges facing independent developers.

App maker hit with fine for collecting kids' data

Kids' app maker W3 Innovations has paid the Federal Trade Commission $50,000 to settle charges that it collected personal information about children without their parents' consent.