Starship Troopers Is Coming Back

Giant bugs from outer space is definitely B movie stuff, and as silly as much of Starship Troopers was, I did enjoy it, primarily because of the CG bugs, which were some of the best computer effects I’ve ever seen. And yes, there are plans for another Starship Troopers film, and this one will be a reboot of the original.

Ultimate Fringe fan book due to hit shelves soon

Once it reached its 100th episode, Fringe finally came to an end in January, and the show definitely had a very nice five year run before it gracefully bowed out.

Saying goodbye to Fringe one last time

No one can deny that Fringe had a good run. Five seasons and 100 episodes is certainly nothing to scoff at this days, especially as networks are all too eager cancel genre shows if the ratings aren't through the roof.

The end of Fringe

All good things must come to an end, and it was a good five years for Fringe.

Fringe: The end is near

The beloved JJ Abrams show Fringe, which had a good five-year run beginning in 2008, is finally coming to an end on the January 18.

Revolution to return in March, Fringe ends this January

JJ Abrams is always busy. In addition to Star Trek Into Darkness, which hits theaters on May 17, his new hit series Revolution will be returning on March 25, while Fringe will also finally be wrapping up on January 18.

Fringe clips tease the season finale

Fox has posted a number of featurettes for Fringe fans who are missing a new episode this week.

Fringe's finale and Revolution's hiatus

It’s been an interesting week of news for Fringe and Revolution. Both are JJ Abrams shows and fans of Fringe knew the end was nigh.

Review: The brains of Fringe

The new season of Fringe has begun, but it's a slow start.

Fringe clips slice the amber

Fox has posted a number of new clips teasing the upcoming season premiere of Fringe.

Fringe campaign demands obedience

Fox has posted a series of teaser videos for the upcoming fifth and final season of Fringe.

Fringe's Native Edict 09/16

Fox has posted a promo video for the upcoming fifth and final season of Fringe. 

Fringe Teaser doesn't get to the girl in time

Fox has posted a new teaser for the upcoming final season of Fringe.

Fringe teaser steps ominously ahead

Fox has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming fifth and final season of Fringe.

Fringe featurettes experiment with super powers

Fox has posted a pair of fan question featurettes for Fringe.

Fringe season 5 arc revealed

It was a strange bit of storytelling when Fringe showed us a seemingly disconnected flash-forward near the end of the fourth season.

The genre shows of 2012

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the current round of shows are ending, while the networks plan the upcoming season.

Fringe to get fifth and final season

We are just a couple episodes from the end of season four of Fringe. It’s now confirmed that there will be a half-length fifth season which will conclude the story.

Fringe teaser scrambles the message

Fox has released a teaser for the April 20th episode of its science-fiction detective serial Fringe, which seems somewhat odd.

Fringe... The Comic?!

Fringe is a fantastic show with devoted fans, but its ratings have only ever been just barely impressive enough to justify the show's budget, which is a bit higher than a typical detective series.