Trading Friday the 13th For Interstellar?

If you happened to grow up in the early eighties, you certainly knew about the Friday the 13th movies, even if you weren’t allowed to see them. They were what were called “mad slasher films,” an early incarnation of what became “torture porn,” and they ushered in an incredible era of make-up effects. 

Low Budget Horror Still Rocks the Box Office

People often wonder why horror films have been so popular lately. One of the big reasons is they’re not expensive to make, which is music to Hollywood’s ears. It’s one big reason a lot of horror films glutted the market after the success of Halloween. When a movie costs $320,000, and makes back $40 million in 1978 money, that grabs people’s attention. 

Cabin in the Woods and 80’s horror nostalgia

While not all the reviews for Cabin in the Woods have been favorable, I have no doubt it’s going to be a big crowd pleaser, and as a long time horror fan myself, I had great fun with it. 

Friday the 13th gets a boxed set

For some, mad slasher movies are just as much a part of 80's nostalgia as new wave, old school video games and John Hughes flicks.

The master of horror is back

Like the classic directors he worshipped, John Carpenter's name appeared above the title of his movies, and with the enormous success of Halloween, it paid off in spades.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark gets full trailer

The first long-form trailer has been released for the upcoming supernatural thriller.