'Cat signal' marks launch of Internet Defense League

The internet has a new crusader to defend it: the Internet Defense League, which has launched with a fanfare and its own 'laughing cat' version of the bat signal.

Metallica talks 3D and freedom

Metallica certainly has some interesting plans for the future, including their own music festival, a 3D movie, and a new album, with Rick Rubin back at the helm.

Lulz Boat not feeling the love from Anonymous

A cyber activist associated with the Anonymous collective says the group doesn't support recent actions by Lulz Security against online gaming servers.

Opinion: DHS, TSA plans for massive increase in surveillance go too far

The US Department of Homeland security is planning a massive increase in the amount of covert surveillance it conducts on civilians.

Iceland becomes safe haven for whistle-blowers

Iceland has passed a law designed to make it a haven for free expression and freedom of information.