Queen Tour With Adam Lambert Officially a Go

As we recently reported here on TGD, it was rumored that Adam Lambert would be singing for Queen, and doing a concert tour with the band. Now that has officially come to pass, and he’ll be singing with the band this summer.

Queen to Tour With Adam Lambert This Summer?

It was such a damn shame when Freddie Mercury died, because Queen were finally coming back, and could have enjoyed a whole new life as a band. You can never replace such a singular talent as Freddie, although Queen has recorded and toured with Paul Rodgers from Bad Company.

Metallica and Queen films move forward

Fans of Metallica and long time TG readers know this summer the band is going to be taking one of the biggest risks of its career: Sinking $20 million of their hard earned money into Through the Never, a 3D concert film that hits theaters August 9.  

Freddie Mercury’s secret life revealed

We’re certainly big fans of the band Queen here on TG, and Freddie Mercury was an extraordinary talent, the likes of which we’ll never see again.

Life of Freddie Mercury headed to the big screen

With Freddie Mercury's death, the world lost a singular talent that can never be replaced, and his passing left a big void in the rock world.

Missing Freddie Mercury

Hard to believe it's been this long, but I was just reminded that we lost Freddie Mercury twenty years ago on November 24, 1991.