French to tax smartphones and tablets

The French government is seriously considering a new tax on smartphones and tablets. The one percent tax would be imposed on a range of “internet compatible devices” and it could yield about 86 million euro per year. 

Eurocrats gang up on US firm

It is starting to look like Google's tax avoidance days might be coming to a close after France and Germany have joined the UK in demanding that the search engine start paying its share.

Entire state moves to open source

In a victory for the free software movement, the Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura has started to switch more than 40,000 government PCs to open source.

Resurrecting the Flying Electron

Thirty years ago, Claude Chudzik of France developed the CC01, a single-pilot plane. The CC01 is a "canard" style aircraft due to its unique design and propeller in back.

Catfish hunt pigeons in France

Scientists observed the catfish lying in wait in shallow water in order to catch the pigeons.

Woolly mammoth remains found in France

The near-complete remains of a woolly mammoth skeleton have been discovered on the banks of the river Marne near Paris, France.

Google threatens to kick French media out of search

Google's threatening to cut French media from its search results, in response to a proposed law that would require it to pay for articles that appear in results.

Evolving a green high-rise

It must be something in the air - last week, we brought you Richard Black’s Symbiotic Building concept, which essentially seeks to combine the modern office environment with a greenhouse.

Man sues over embarrassing Google Street View photo

A man is suing Google after a precarious picture of him showed up on the company's Street View service.

Microsoft: Xbox 720 is not launching this year

A Microsoft representative has quashed rumors that the Xbox 720 will be all the rage in 2012.

Nintendo sponsors 3D photo exhibit in France

Nintendo is trying to prove that its 3DS handheld is more than just a game machine.

18 million alleged file-sharers tracked in France

Since last October, French lawmakers have been gunning for illegal file-sharers in a three-strike system under the auspices of "Hadopi" anti-piracy legislation.

France bans on-air mentions of Facebook and Twitter

French broadcast media are to be prevented from mentioning Facebook or Twitter on air - even to direct their viewers to their own sites.

"Facebook" & "Twitter" no longer welcome on French airwaves

The French have banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" on TV and radio.

3D porn channel launches in France

If you were waiting for a reason to get a 3D TV, here it is. If you live in France, that is. Prolific French pornographer Marc Dorcel has launched the world's first video-on-demand channel featuring adult films shot in the new stereoscopic 3D format.

French government to subsidise music downloads

The French government has taken a novel step to combat illegal music downloads, and one that many might like to see adopted elsewhere: paying for the downloads itself.

Child attacker wins defamation case against Google

A French man sued Google because typing in his name resulted in search suggestions for "rapist," "satanist," "rape," and "prison." The court today ruled against Google in the defamation suit.