Report: Apple HDTV may launch earlier than expected

A new report is making the rounds concerning Apple's long-awaited HDTV.

Rumor: Foxconn ready to build Apple HDTV

Apple rumors never die, and speculation about a potential Apple HDTV have been making the rounds for well over a year.

Inside look at Foxconn claims to show all

There's a new video that claims to show exactly what goes on at the elusive overseas manufacturing plant.

Apple vows to bring Foxconn conditions up to par (again)

The Fair Labor Association has proudly announced that, following its hard-hitting investigation into conditions at Apple's Foxconn plants, Apple and Foxconn will, er, start to abide by the law.

Apple supplier Foxconn hacked

Foxconn, the Far Eastern manufacturer that supplies Apple and other hardware vendors, was yesterday hacked as part of a series of protests against the company's notorious working conditions.

Foxconn staff threaten mass suicide

Three hundred staff at a plant building the Xbox 360 have been threatening mass suicide over pay and conditions, according to local reports.

Rumor: Bigger Kindle Fires in the works

Not only are more Kindle Fire units getting ready to ship out, but Amazon is also working on newer versions of its flagship Android tablet, according to supply chain reports.

Apple slammed over Chinese pollution

Apple's come under fire from an environmental group over dangerous levels of pollution claimed to be coming from its suppliers' factories in China.

Foxconn to replace human workers with robots

Foxconn has decided that it might be easier to replace human workers with robots. That’s because robots don’t let feelings and suicide attempts get in the way of making components for Apple.

WIMM Labs wants to turn you into a cyborg

WIMM Labs is currently in the process of designing a new class of connected micro devices in wearable form factors.

Foxconn explosion kills three

An explosion at Foxconn's Chengdu plant, which manufactures iPads for Apple, has left three people dead and 15 injured, according to local reports.

Foxconn workers charged over leak of iPad 2 specs

Three workers from the notorious Foxconn plants in Shenzhen have reportedly been arrested for leaking the iPad 2's design.

Foxconn management 'saved lives', says Apple report

Apple's latest audit of its suppliers has found 37 'core violations' of its code of conduct, up from 17 this time last year - but not to worry. Management at Foxconn, it says, 'definitely saved lives' during the spate of suicides at its Hon Hai plant.

Foxconn worker still dies after landing in safety net

Another Foxconn employee seems to have jumped to her death, as the "anti-suicide" nets draped around the company's campus apparently didn't do anything to cushion the deadly fall.

Report: Nokia prepping ARM-powered tablet for Q4 launch

Nokia is reportedly prepping an ARM-powered tablet PC for a fourth quarter launch.

Jobs says Hon Hai factory is just lovely

Steve Jobs says conditions are fine at the Chinese factory where staff have been hurling themselves off the roof in recent weeks.

Foxconn suicides "upset" Apple

Apple has expressed concern over a number of recent suicides at Foxconn's southern China factory.

Foxconn employee jumps to his death in China

An employee of Foxconn Technology has committed suicide by jumping off a four-story building. The latest death marks the eighth Foxconn suicide this year.

Overseas iPod factory consults exorcist after rash of suicides

Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer that is responsible for creating iPods, Xboxes, Kindles, and cell phones, has brought in an army of counselors and even an exorcist to figure out why dozens of people continue to attempt suicide, and more than a handful have succeeded.