The displacements of Fringe

The fourth season of Fringe is certainly more peaceful than originally anticipated.

Sutherland and Kring set for new Supernatural drama

Fox has announced ordered a 13 episode season of Touch, a new supernatural drama from Heroes creator Tim Kring, which will star Kiefer Sutherland.

Fox to bring us the Spectre of Death

Fox recently confirmed that it has purchased the production rights for a television adaptation of DC’s comics hero story The Spectre.

The recap clips of Fringe

Fox has begun releasing a number of recap videos to get audiences ready for the upcoming fourth season of Fringe. The eventual series of 12 videos will cover all of the important points of the last three seasons.

Welcome to Terra Nova

Fox has finally released a behind the scenes featurette for its upcoming pilot for Terra Nova, the much delayed, much anticipated science fiction series.

Where is Peter Bishop?

A month ago we saw our first trailer for the fourth season of Fringe. Today, we have three more to watch.

Yes, the Apes are all right

I've already voiced my skepticism about the new Planet of the Apes revival, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but apparently the apes have silenced the doubters. 

Terra Nova is way more challenging than expected

After much delay, Terra Nova will finally debut this September. However, the first season will only feature 13 episodes due to inordinately high production values.

Fox debuts teaser for new Fringe episodes

Fox is showcasing a really brief "mini teaser" for season four of the hit show Fringe at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, California.

LulzSec disbands after 50 day HackStock

Lulz Security is calling it quits after a 50 day HackStock which saw the enigmatic group target a number of corporate and government websites, including Sony, PBS, Fox, Bethesda and the FBI.

Daredevil film gets writer, plot synopsis

The new ‘reboot, but not really a reboot’ Daredevil film will be written by Brad Caleb Kane.

This fall’s genre pilots and renewals

All four of the major networks have checked in and announced their fall line-ups.

Is Fox ruining Terra Nova?

Fox recently blamed the delay of its long-awaited "Terra Nova" series on visual effects that "required more time to be realized." At least, that was the official explanation.

Trailer and artwork released for the Planet of the Apes reboot

Today, Fox released a trailer and some concept art for the New Planet of the Apes franchise remake, Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Futurama sticking around for a while

Comedy central has decided to take on a lot more Futurama. Fans needn’t worry about another cancellation for a long time.

Fringe officially confirmed for fourth season

Fringe fans have been worried for some time that Fringe would not be coming back, but on Friday Fox announced its renewal.

Movement seen on new Daredevil movie

Fox Studios has confirmed that David Slade will direct the upcoming Daredevil sequel. Yes, I said "sequel." Is that surprising?

Fox targets aspiring screenwriter in multi-million dollar lawsuit

P.J. McIlvaine spends her days selling flowers to stay afloat while trying to make it in the cut-throat world of Hollywood screenwriting.

Fox, ABC sign up for 99-cent iTunes TV rentals: report

Apparently Apple has been able to strong-arm at least two of the major networks to provide content for its new 99-cent TV show rental plan.

Taliban mission sparks Medal of Honor controversy

Want to play Medal of Honor as a Taliban terrorist? Well, just don't tell Fox News about it.