Lincoln the vampire hunter

It’s too bad Phil Hartman isn’t around anymore to make fun of this on The Simpsons, it’s almost something Troy McClure would star in, you could even call it Lincoln Vs. Lincoln. 

Get a peek at the special Touch preview event

Fox will be running a special pre-season preview of the pilot for Touch this coming week.

The broken past of Alcatraz

This past week, Fox premiered Alcatraz - the new J.J. Abrams series - with a double episode evening.

George Lucas's toy story

As we all know, Star Wars revolutionized merchandising for movies, creating a huge secondary income stream for films that no one could have predicted.

Fox looks to the future of genre programming

"We made money on Terra Nova, the studio made money on it, and the audience enjoyed it. The show looked fantastic... It's clearly a concept people wanted to watch. They had ample opportunity to reject it: they didn't."

The battlegrounds of Terra Nova

The first season of Fox’s prehistoric thriller, Terra Nova, is over after 11 episodes - which technically numbered 13 due to the two double episodes which framed the season. 

Fringe trailer is on fire

Fox has released a trailer for the upcoming mid-season return of Fringe.

The green lights of Star Wars

A lament you constantly hear in Hollywood is today’s lack of risk-taking, and how so many great movies from the 70’s wouldn’t get made today.

Hollywood caught in BitTorrent scandal

Scandals are obviously nothing new for Hollywood, but this one screams hypocrisy louder than a coke-snorting Republican at a family values conference.

The alternates of Fringe

The second half of season four of Fringe picks back up in January, having left us in a period of dramatic tension among the characters.

Fox debuts new trailer for Touch

Fox has released a new long-form trailer for its upcoming mid-season series Touch. The show, which stars Kiefer Sutherland, is a fantasy drama combining elements of big-mystery series with the action of a procedural.

Netflix moves into original programming with new Arrested Development

Arrested Development is to go back into production - with content exclusively available on Netflix.

New Alcatraz TV spot breaks out

This  week, we’re going to see trailers for the upcoming Alcatraz series appear during prime-time shows.

The early days of Star Wars

For Star Wars, the first days were the hardest. Any fan familiar with the film's history knows the difficult battle George Lucas fought to get the world made. 

On rebooting Fantastic Voyage

Anyone who loves great sci-fi has to be a fan of Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 film where a group of scientists are shrunk down to go inside a man’s body and save his life.

Punisher adaptation coming to Fox

Marvel is now working with Fox on a television adaptation of The Punisher, one of its most iconic characters.

The Simpsons dodge a bullet

Even this dreadful economy couldn't keep Homer Simpson down.

The wings and kisses of Terra Nova

Terra Nova shows sci-fi fans what can be done in a fantasy show with a real budget.

Fox picks up The Magicians adaptation

Fox has purchased a new urban fantasy series called The Magicians, which is based on a bestselling 2009 fantasy novel of the same name.

Is this the end of The Simpsons and Dexter?

This is definitely a tense time for fans of The Simpsons, among whose ranks I proudly include myself, and Dexter.