The Font Wars: A Story On Rivalry Between Type Foundries

I had thought terms like “intellectual property” and “intellectual theft” were of fairly recent provenance, so my eye was caught by the latter’s use in a headline of a 1930 edition of the US trade journal The American Printer.The article it headed proved to be equally intriguing, a ...

Intel will win in foundry wars

Moore's Law is eventually going to crush Intel's opposition as companies are unable to pay the huge costs involved in R&D and new process gear.

TSMC ready for 18 inch wafers

Foundry-for-hire TSMC has reiterated plans to build its first 450mm wafer plant by 2017.

Fabless chip companies are a growing trend

According to a new set of figures out of IC Insights, fabless IC companies will command at least 33 percent of the total IC market by 2017. 

Globalfoundries, ASML start alliance

Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML said that one of its subsidiaries will collaborate with Globalfoundries in an effort to accelerate the development of future nodes.

Is TSMC having trouble with 28nm?

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is reportedly experiencing difficulties with its 28nm manufacturing process technologies.