Resurrecting dinosaurs with medical scanners and 3D printers

Accurate copies of fossilised bones can now be made from the combined use of computed tomography (CT) scans and 3D printers, according to a paper published today in the journal Radiology.

New fossils push the origin of flowering plants back by 100 million years to the early Triassic

Flowering plants evolved from extinct plants related to conifers, ginkgos, cycads, and seed ferns. The oldest known fossils from flowering plants are pollen grains. These are small, robust and numerous and therefore fossilize more easily than leaves and flowers.

'Genetics of sand' may shed new light on evolutionary process

An evolutionary ecologist at the University of Southampton, is using 'grains of sand' to understand more about the process of evolution. Dr Thomas Ezard is using the fossils of microscopic aquatic creatures called planktonic foraminifera, often less than a millimetre in size, which can be found in all of the world's oceans.

Were camels originally an Arctic species?

Giant camels once roamed Canada's High Arctic - much further north than previously believed - and may have evolved their flat feet and humps as a result.

Intact biomolecules found in 350-million-year-old fossils

Scientists have for the first time discovered complex organic molecules that have survived fossilization, in the form of 350-million-year-old sea creatures found in Ohio, Indiana and Iowa.

World's oldest dinosaur found in a drawer

Fossils discovered in the 1930s and kept in storage at London's Natural History Museum appear to belong to the earliest dinosaur ever found.

Darwin's fossil collection discovered by chance

Fossils unearthed by Charles Darwin have been discovered in a dusty old cabinet in London after being lost for 165 years.

Well-preserved fossils could be earliest human ancestor

Researchers say they've discovered a 'missing link' - a hominid 1.8 million years old that may be our oldest direct human ancestor yet found.

World's oldest fossils discovered

Scientists say they've found the world's oldest fossils, the remains of tiny creatures that lived 3.4 billion years ago in a pre-oxygen world.

NASA scientist finds fossils of alien life forms

A NASA scientist says he's discovered alien life, in the form of microscopic fossils, embedded in meteorites.

Will renewables overtake fossils by 2030?

Developing economies such as China, Russia, India and Brazil currently account for around 50 percent of the world's energy consumption.

Earth is 'in the middle of mass extinction'

You may not have noticed, but according to an Australian academic, we're currently in the middle of a mass extinction event comparable to that which killed off the dinosaurs.

Martian fossils could be right under Rover's nose

A rock commonly found on Mars could, against expectations, preserve fossils, raising hopes that evidence of life on Mars may one day be found.