Scientists study halving hydrogen

Like a hungry diner ripping open a dinner roll, a fuel cell catalyst that converts hydrogen into electricity must tear open a hydrogen molecule. Now researchers have captured a view of such a catalyst holding onto the two halves of its hydrogen feast. The view confirms previous hypotheses and provides insight into how to make the catalyst work better for alternative energy uses.

GOP takes aim at US Navy’s great green fleet

The US military's embrace of alternative energy seems to drive a segment a the public crazy – witness the many vituperative comments to this story about a hybrid ground combat vehicle under development by the Army. 

Green car demand projected to jump

Consumer demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is ripe around the globe.

Clean energy or fossil fuel?

Create new, renewable electricity systems or continue expanding the current fossil fuel electricity infrastructure? 

Fossil fuel algae: key to new biofuels?

The new technologies that change our world only seem to happen overnight. Really, they're built on constantly pushing forward scientific research. 

In search of sustainable energy

Talk about a buzz kill: A team of MBA students has found that fuzzy and often misguided policy, technical roadblocks, affordability issues and out-of-tune leadership all add up to a challenging landscape for investment in sustainable energy.