The early bird catches... the crab

A new fossil discovery has shown that some early birds evolved teeth adapted for specialized diets.

Synchrotron uncovers fossil’s ghostly teeth

Scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, used a synchrotron to reveal previously unseen anatomy in a lizard fossil.

Shrimp-like fossils are species new to science

Scientists have discovered a 425 million year old relative of today’s shrimps and crabs.

Spider trapped in amber as it makes a meal of wasp

Researchers have discovered a well-preserved spider attacking a wasp in a 100 million-year-old piece of amber - the first of its kind ever found.

Smallest-ever fossil footprints found

A new set of fossil footprints discovered in Nova Scotia are believed to be the world's smallest known to be left by a vertebrate.

Fossil raindrop impressions reveal Earth's early atmosphere

Scientists have concluded that the Earth's early atmosphere was loaded with greenhouse gases - by examining fossilized raindrop impressions.