Climate change may speed up forests’ life cycles

Many climate studies have predicted that tree species will respond to global warming by migrating via seed dispersal to cooler climates. But a new study of 65 different species in 31 eastern states finds evidence of a different, unexpected response.

Report: Forest and soil carbon do not offset fossil fuel emissions

Leading world climate change experts have thrown cold water on the idea that planting trees can offset carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

Canada's far north could be forested by century's end

Recently discovered ancient forests in Canada's extreme north could be thriving again by 2100, new research indicates.

Permian forest found preserved in volcanic ash

Buried beneath a coal mine in Mongolia, scientists have discovered a 'Pompeii-like' forest, 300 million years old, buried by volcanic ash.

Loss of biodiversity could damage world economy, says UN

It's always worth appealing to peoples' pockets if appealing to their better nature doesn't work, and a new UN report warns that the world's loss of biodiversity is threatening national economies.