California senator wants to legalize autonomous vehicles

There are several states and various industry heavyweights that envision an autonomous future for automobiles.

Ford sees automated cars within a decade

There are several companies putting a lot of money and time into developing technology for automated vehicles.

Ford Shelby GT500 convertible packs 650hp

Ford has officially rolled out its sleek 2013 Shelby GT500 convertible at the Chicago Auto Show.

Ford rolls out three-cylinder EcoBoost engine

Ford's smallest production engine - which recently debuted in the UK - can best be described as a tiny three-cylinder 1L turbocharged mill with direct injection.

Ford wants to monitor your health while you drive

Ford is teaming up with Microsoft, Healthrageous and BlueMetal Architects to help people maintain their health and perform "wellness research" while in the car.

Ford showcases 2013 Fusion

Ford has gone official with its long-awaited 2013 Fusion midsize sedan. The vehicle boasts a sweet new design with some definite Jaguar influence.

Ford debuts Focus Electric 2012

It’s been what seems a long time in coming, but Ford recently pulled the wraps off its brand new electric vehicle, (EV) the Focus Electric.

Ford moves to improve MyFord Touch digital interface

After a year of customer gripes about its MyFord Touch car interface, Ford is promising major improvements.

Ford resurrects classic Mustangs

Ford is helping Mustang enthusiasts breathe life into some long dead classic cars. The automaker will begin selling unpainted body shells that can be turned into a 1964 1/2, 1965 or a 1966 Mustang convertible.

Ford backs banning hand-held calls while driving

Ford Motor Co. is not a big fan of using your hands to make a cellphone call while driving.

Ford adds smartphone voice control to new vehicles

Ford is adding its Sync AppLink software to ten new vehicles in 2012. The platform allows a driver to "sync" a smartphone with his or her car for a hands-free, voice navigation experience.   

Ford boosts domestic green car production

American automaker Ford has announced it will triple production capacity of electric vehicles through the year 2013.

Ford teams with Google for cars that can read your mind

Ford is using Google's Prediction API to try and predict driver behavior and optimize performance.

Best Buy may start selling electric cars

For your next car purchase, you may not have to go to a dealership.

Ford looks at dandelions as material for car parts

It might sound more suitable for a fairy or a pixie, but your next car could be made in part from dandelions, if Ford researchers get their way.

Blind man will drive a car tomorrow

No, you don't need to stay off the streets. For one, Mark Riccobono will be driving on a closed-circuit course at Daytona International Speedway. But the bigger reason is that Riccobono, despite being legally blind, should be perfectly safe behind the wheel of Ford's new blind-accessible vehicle.

Ford debuts C-MAX Hybrid at Detroit Auto Show

Ford didn't make its plug-in C-MAX Energi roll out on the runway at the North American International Auto Show all alone.

Ford lets parents restrict children's driving

We've all seen people of all ages do stupid things on the road, but statistics say that teenagers are still the most accident-prone. Enter the new Ford MyKey feature.

Ford to add start-stop system to all its cars

Ford has announced it's to introduce its fuel-saving start-stop technology pretty much across the board in the US.

Ford decides who will get all electric Focus first

The Ford Motor Company is going to be launching its first all-electric, zero pollution car, the Ford Focus Electric. It will go on sale in late 2011 and like the rest of the electric cars; it will only be available in limited markets.