Soccer goes high tech at the Robot World Cup

Why watch real people exert energy playing sports when you can just watch robots do it!? Well, that is the general idea behind the Robot World Cup, or RoboCup, held in Istanbul, Turkey.

True confessions: D&D or football?

I've never been a football fan. Yes, like so many other geeks, I've just never seen the point of a spectator sport. 

To me the whole concept of getting all worked up about some game that has nothing to do with your own life seems rather lacking.

Super Bowl XLV goes high tech in new stadium

The Super Bowl has come quite far since it was once all about crowding into a friend’s living room and chomping noisily on messy chicken wings. In fact, it has gone super high tech, providing fans with new ways to interact with their teams and others on game day.

Did technology help football become a Turkey Day tradition?

Thanksgiving. A day that makes my pants feel tight just thinking about it, has its roots deep routed in tradition.

Robots learn physics to hone football skills

Carnegie Mellon scientists are teaching physics to robots to improve their soccer-playing performance.