Swiss researcher shows natural breeding better than GMOs

A Swiss researcher has developed a new apple that is resistant to disease, appealing to the palate, and easy to grow, all without using genetic modification.

Online ordering now available at all White Castle locations

White Castle has added online ordering at all of their locations. Life just got a little better for stoners everywhere.

Scientists want to replace meat with bugs

Bugs are probably the most neglected form of protein. The crunchy crawlers may be gross to some, but to others they are a perfectly acceptable thing to eat. But will fried cockroaches and chocolate covered ants be the next big thing in the world of gastronomy?

Cornell device prints out meals

Boy, I wish I'd had one of these over the Christmas weekend: a 3D printer that simply prints out your dinner.

MIT serves up food-related inventions

MIT's well-known Product Engineering Processes class - aka 2.009 - has come up with its inventions for the year, all of which are food-related.

Scientists discover how sour works

Today, the day after Thanksgiving as you eat leftover cranberry sauce for breakfast, you might wonder why the sour taste is so strong.

Ironfisted Monsanto looking to eliminate USDA beet ban

The Monsanto Company is attempting to sidestep a ban on genetically-modified beets from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Govt. health bullies seek to limit cupcakes in PA

Kids in Pennsylvania schools may soon find their cupcake intake regulated by their state government. That’s right - in order to save the kids from themselves the state school board thinks it’s time to regulate the amount of sweets at school parties.

Humans emit two tons of CO2 a year - through eating

You can turn down the heating; you can switch to a hybrid car. But unless you can stop, um, we'd better call it excreting, your efforts won't go a long way towards cutting your carbon emissions.

Would you eat artificially grown meat?

Would you eat meat grown in vats? No? Well, how about if you were really hungry? What could be better than a nice juicy cheeseburger with fries? 

And does it really matter whether the meat was raised, grown or cloned?

MIT aims to do away with cooks

MIT thinks it might be able to eliminate cooking forever through a series of research projects.