Veggie experiment will expand fresh food production on Space Station

A plant growth chamber bound for the International Space Station inside the Dragon capsule on the SpaceX-3 resupply mission may help expand in-orbit food production capabilities in more ways than one, and offer astronauts something they don’t take for granted, fresh food.

"Social" bacteria that work together to hunt for food and survive under harsh conditions

When considering the behavior of bacteria, the word "social" doesn't often come to mind. Yet some bacteria are quite social, chief among them Myxococcus xanthus, a soil-dwelling bacterium that organizes itself into multi-cellular, three-dimensional structures made up of thousands of cells that work together to hunt for food and survive under harsh conditions.

Our Galaxy takes its food in pills

The Galaxy has been making stars for the last 8 billion years. What’s kept it going all that time? When old stars die, some of their gas goes back into the galactic “soup” for star making. But in the long run a lot of it gets locked up in long-lived dwarf stars.

3D printing = food in space?

NASA and a Texas company are exploring the possibility of using a "3D printer" on deep space missions in a way where the "D" would stand for dining.

Is Instagram more than just self-portraits and pictures of food?

The wildly popular photo-sharing application Instagram is used by millions of people around the world. Nevertheless, the social media phenomenon is often dismissed as a trivial pastime.

How to be a moisture farmer

For human civilization to survive, people must have access to the three basics: Food, water and shelter.

Does your dog know what you're thinking?

It won't come as much of a surprise to most dog owners, but new research has shown that man's best friend is a lot more likely to steal food when nobody's looking, suggesting for the first time that dogs can understand a human's point of view.

Video: Turning compost into clean electricity

Recent statistics suggest Americans waste up to 40 percent of the food that passes through our kitchens.

Extreme weather set to push food prices much higher

Oxfam is warning that climate change represents a far greater threat to the world's poor than previously believed, because of the effects of extreme weather on harvests and food prices.

Organic food 'no healthier'

Organic food isn't noticeably better for people's health, according to a meta-analysis of past studies carried out by Stanford University scientists.

Nuclear-powered LEDs could provide food for future space colonies

For the past few weeks, people who barely look at the moon have become temporarily obsessed with space exploration.

World's food demand to double by mid-century

The amount of food the world needs could double by 2050, say scientists, with potentially devastating consequences for the planet.

California wants to put GMO labeling on 2012 ballot

California is toying with the idea of putting an initiative on the 2012 state ballot that would require the labeling of GMO-based ingredients in food.  

Internet 'as important as food and shelter'

A third of college college students and young professionals around the world consider the internet to be as important as air, water, food and shelter, according to a survey from Cisco.

US should be more like EU when it comes to GMOs

America isn’t perfect and emulating the European Union isn’t exactly a good way to bring back some of the glory from the pre 9/11 era.

Martian astronauts will need green thumbs, says NASA

Astronauts on the way to Mars could munch on space-grown lettuce, strawberries and carrots, a NASA scienstist says.

Mark Zuckerberg kills goats

Watch out, Winkelvosses - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that from now on he's going to kill what he eats.

Bacteria use caffeine as a food source too

There is more proof that all forms of life share certain characteristics with humans. This time it’s our preference for caffeine.

Surveillance cameras monitor food intake in school cafeterias

Think it is safe to grab an extra slice of pie? Well, think again.

Opinion: Waiting in line to buy burgers and iPads is uncool

People love to buy things, but their willingness to wait in long lines for the chance to purchase In-N-Out Burgers and iPads is getting ridiculous.