Yes, this really is a flying electric bicycle

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you owned a flying electric bicycle? Well, maybe you haven’t, but some inventors out of the United Kingdom have, and are currently seeking crowd funding through Kickstarter to help kickstart their dream of one day unveiling Paravelo to the public.

Qualcomm push will mean faster net on flights

In-flight internet speeds could soon match speeds on mother Earth if a Qualcomm proposal to use satellites is approved by regulators. 

Video: Quadcopters play catch with a big stick

Quadcopters are definitely sweet geek toys, especially when the machines are capable of operating autonomously.

Why Batman needs a bigger cape

When Batman returns to movie theaters in The Dark Knight Rises later this month, one group of physicists will be tutting in disapproval.

Balloon flies by flipping itself inside out

German automation technology company Festo has created one of the weirdest flying objects ever seen: a helium-filled balloon that propels itself by turining itself inside out.

Robot gives clues on evolution of flight

A tiny robot insect has given support to the idea that the first flying creatures were tree-dwellers.

Amateur inventor creates flying motorbike

An Australian man has invented what he says is the world's first flying motorbike, and is building it in his garage.

Flying snakes offer lessons to military

Researchers funded by the Department of Defense have been analyzing the way certain species of snake can glide from tree to tree.