Could floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis?

When an earthquake and tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant complex in 2011, neither the quake nor the inundation caused the ensuing contamination. Rather, it was the aftereffects — specifically, the lack of cooling for the reactor cores, due to a shutdown of all power at the station — that caused most of the harm.

Japan kicks off floating wind turbine program

Japan officially began drawing power from a 2-megawatt floating wind turbine off its southwestern coast on Monday, the first of two floating turbine test projects that the country hopes could prove to be a significant source of energy in the post-earthquake/tsunami era.

Shell builds world's biggest floating object

Shell's announced that it's to go ahead with plans to build the world's largest floating object ever, a platform designed to exploit offshore natural gas fields.

Team proposes floating solar panels

One of the biggest problems with large-scale solar power is the vast amount of land area required. Deserts such as the Sahara have been suggested, but a team from Israel's Solaris Synergy and France's EDF Group have another idea - put them on the water.

Floating donut shows tech center's visitors around

Visitors to the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) complex in Brisbane can soon expect to be shown around the facility by  a floating donut.