Video: Robotic insects take to the skies

Half the size of a paperclip, weighing less than a tenth of a gram, it leaps a few inches, hovers for a moment on fragile, flapping wings, and then speeds along a preset route through the air.

Dinosaur challenges theories of early flight

A feathered dinosaur has been discovered that existed way before the bird-like dinosaurs that birds have generally been thought to have evolved from.

Wreck it Ralph is #1 at the box office

The buzz on Wreck It Ralph was very strong up to its release on Friday, November 2.

Pentagon's X-51A eyes Mach 6

The Pentagon hopes its X-51A will manage to hit hypersonic velocity by next spring or summer.

First feathered dinosaurs found in North America

Feathered dinosaurs with something a lot like wings have for the first time been discovered in North America - but the feathers don't appear to have been used to aid flight.

Video: Electric airplane loses power, glides home

One of the primary reasons many consumers shy away form electric vehicles is range anxiety, or the fear of a car battery running out of juice while still on the road.

Video: Human-powered 'copter sets flight record

Humans dreamed of flying for hundreds of years before the Wright brothers, with some imagining human-powered aircraft would eventually take flight.

Remote-control beetles aid flight research

Scientists are using electrodes to control a living rhinoceros beetle in an effort to improve the aerodynamic performance of aircraft.

This fake flying video duped the 'Net

I really wanted this video to be real, but alas, after just a few days going viral, the Dutch engineer who shot it has 'fessed up and admitted the clip was faked.

iPhone explodes on Aussie flight

An Australian airline has confirmed that an iPhone 4 became red-hot, shattered and started pouring out smoke on a flight from Lismore to Sydney on Friday.

NASA plans final shuttle flight for June

NASA is pressing ahead, its fingers crossed, for a third and final shuttle flight this year.

Pedal-powered plane flaps wings to fly

A human-powered 'ornithopter' with flapping wings has become the first aircraft of its kind to achieve sustained flight.