Flickr launches Android app

Yahoo-owner Flickr has unveiled its first Android app - some two years after the iPhone version - with a new social feature called Photo Session.

Is the iPhone killing digital cameras?

What used to be a purse staple on a Saturday night is fast becoming an item of the past: the digital camera.

Flickr sends five years' photos down the drain

Flickr has admitted accidentally deleting a photo-blogger's account, wiping out his 4,000 photos at a stroke.

Flickr photos used to create 3D city models

Computer scientists have invented a way of creating 3-D models of landmarks and geographical locations using photos available on sites like Flickr.

Queen opens the family albums with launch of Flickr site

Queen Elizabeth II now has her own Flickr site, complete with family snaps and some old photos that have been kicking about at the back of drawers for decades.

Twitter chatter could help save lives

Researchers from Lockheed Martin and the University of Maryland have kicked off a study of social media website chatter - which could theoretically be used to help emergency responders save lives during disasters.

RIM refreshes Blackberry lineup

RIM has introduced two new Blackberry smartphones: the classic Bold 9650 and compact Pearl 3G.

Steve Jobs says new iPhone OS will support true multitasking

Steve Jobs has assured the rapturous Apple faithful that iPhone OS 4 will offer true multitasking support for third-party applications.

Flickr founder launches trippy new game

Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield is having another shot at marketing a massively multiplayer game.