This flash memory combines graphene and molybdenite

French scientists have combined two materials with advantageous electronic properties - graphene and molybdenite - into a flash memory prototype that offers significant potential in terms of performance, size, flexibility and energy consumption.

Five apprehended in California chip heist

Two months ago, almost 1.7 million Intel flash memory chips were stolen from a Unigen facility in California. The total value was initially assessed at $26 million, but since then, has increased to almost $37 million.

Intel and Micron sample 20nm NAND flash memory

Intel and Micron have introduced a 20-nanometer (nm) process technology for manufacturing NAND flash memory.

Nano-particles could offer new type of flash memory

An entire new class of phase-change materials suitable for flash memory has been discovered by researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Berkeley.

Lyric optimizes flash memory with advanced probability processing

Lyric Semiconductor has introduced an error correction component for flash memory that offers a 30X reduction in die size, a 12X improvement in power consumption and a significantly higher throughput compared to current platforms.

Next-gen NAND boosts SSD write speeds

A team of Japanese engineers have developed a new generation of NAND flash memory whose drive voltage is as low as 1V.