NAND sales slow down

The PC market remains weak and the overheated smartphone and tablet market seems to be slowing down as well, but NAND makers are reporting their best quarter in history.

Micron sees red blood on the spreadsheet

Micron Technology landed itself in the red for the second quarter, posting a net loss.

Adobe meets Apple in a muddy business

This week Apple made the surprise announcement that it was hiring its long running enemy Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as vice president of technology. Industry watchers who have been following Cupertino's antics to kill off Flash on the internet were surprised.

The Justice League film coalesces

Reports are circulating about what the heroes in the Justice League may be like.

Huge explosion spotted on Jupiter

An amateur astronomer in Dallas has filmed an enormous explosion on Jupiter which took place early on Sunday morning.

On the lucrative superhero business

With the success of The Avengers, it's really no big surprise that there are a number of superhero movies in the pipeline right now at the major studios.

Ice Cream Sandwich's curious lack of Flash

Google's Ice Cream Sandwich is bringing a new flavor to Android, but it's missing one of the operating system's most differentiating toppings.

Moving data - Sponsored by Dell

Now that you have your Dell notebook computer - or netbook - and smartphone, it's time to learn about true mobility - moving data. If your data is stuck on your mobile device, it isn't much good, is it?

Adobe Flash banned in Windows Metro IE10

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will not be supporting Adobe Flash in its upcoming Windows 8 Metro environment - a UI which has been specifically optimized to run on tablet devices.

Theatrical trailer for DC’s New 52 revealed

Starting this weekend, some of us will be seeing this trailer for DC’s relaunch in theaters and on television.

Strange gamma ray flash caused by black hole eating star

A mysterious gamma ray flash observed by the Swift satellite in late March was probably caused by a star being swallowed by a massive black hole, astronomers have concluded.

Adobe still in denial about Flash and Apple

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen claims there will be 130 million smartphone devices running Flash by the end of 2011. Maybe - but what about performance and power drain?

Phone battery life extended by 100 times

Mobile devices could have a dramatically longer battery life, thanks to a new form of ultra-low-power digital memory that is faster than current memory types and uses 100 times less energy.

Adobe releases Flash-to-HTML online tool

Content creators who don't want to dabble in iPad development because it doesn't support Flash video have something enticing them to come over to the other side.

Facebook fixes another security flaw

Facebook says it's repaired a security vulnerability discovered by a pair of doctoral students at Indiana University.

Device could revolutionize computer memory

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new device that they say represents a big advance for computer memory, making server farms more energy efficient and allowing computers to start more quickly.

Adobe gives users more control over Flash cookies

Adobe's moved to improve the privacy settings for Flash cookies - or local shared objects (LSOs), as it prefers to call them.

Adobe insists Flash is still relevant

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told a Web 2.0 panel today that Flash remained a relevant platform, despite Club Cupertino's much-ballyhooed preference for the rapidly evolving HTML5 standard.

RIM Playbook in Apple iPad smackdown

RIM has released a video which shows its Playbook tablet outperforming Apple's iPad in loading standard web pages.

Desperate Apple fanbois cause Skyfire outages

Hordes of stampeding, Flash-deprived Apple fanbois have caused Skyfire to temporarily pull its popular browser from Club Cupertino's App Store.