Unplugging: The drug-inspired Terror of the Flaming Lips

MXDWN loves random, and this week features some almost unbelievable musical endeavors, such as drug-inspired albums, music fests in Israel, Day of the Dead themed parties, and electronic superstars scoring Disney movies.

Unplugging: Musical attempts at success

This week, success has not been scarce in the music world, as musicians strive to break records, collaborate and dominate the Tony’s.

Unplugging: Flaming Lips and M83

After all the recent tragedies to strike the music world, it feels good to finally have a mostly nonchalant week. MXDWN welcomes the positive happenings of the week, despite the sad cancellation of the Sunset Junction Street Fair.

Unplugging: Moogfest and the Flaming Lips

Does Google’s logo in celebration of Les Paul’s would-be 96th birthday have you falling in love with music all over again? Rekindle that passion with your trusted relationship counselor, MXDWN. We’re not taking sides.

Unplugging: Weezer, The Flaming Lips and Yeasaver

What's hot in the music world? MXDWN has the Unplugging update all right here.