Fishy thoughts captured for first time

For the first time, researchers have been able to observe the thoughts of a living fish while it engages in its natural behavior.

Robotic fish glides almost indefinitely

Michigan State University scientists say their latest robot fish can glide almost forever, using little to no energy, while gathering data on water quality.

Fish scale research could improve optical devices

A trick used by fish to overcome a basic law of physics could lead to improvements in the efficiency of LED lights.

Fish shrink as oceans warm

Fish of all species look set to shrink in size by up to a fifth as the oceans continue to warm.

Genetic mutation explains human migration

The reason you (probably - let's not make assumptions here) don't live by an African lake and feed mainly on fish may be a single, ancient mutation.

These fish float in geodesic domes

Until recently, only a fraction of the world's calories originated in farmed fish, but today it's increasingly common.

Common chemical makes species interbreed

A chemical found in many common plastics could have you copulating with other species and producing strange hybrid offspring... if you're a fish, at any rate.

Fish from the sky, with veggies - the Globe Greenhouse

Fish from the sky may sound like pie-in-the-sky, but it’s a real thing, sort of. 

'Pied piper' robot could lead fish away from harm

It may not look particularly appealing to the likes of you or me, but the robot fish shown above is so cool that real ones will follow its lead.

Carbon dioxide in oceans gives fish a deathwish

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans is driving fish crazy, Australian researchers say.

Washing machines spew plastic into the oceans

The oceans and their beaches are now home to vast numbers of tiny pieces of plastic - and the source may be your washing machine, researchers say.

Photos suggest fish are capable of using tools

Imagine diving in Austrlia's Great Barrier Reef only to see a fish...using a tool.

'Garbage patch' fish found full of plastic

North Pacific fish are eating tens of thousands of tons of plastic debris, say researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

FDA is not going to make it easy to pick your fish

Is the Food and Drug Administration on a roll or what? If you’re a food supply baron, then the answer is a resounding yes!

Genetic freak fish: coming to your dinner table?

In their quest to apparently make all of our food artificial, scientists have given yet another creation their blessing. Say hello to genetically modified salmon.