Mozilla updates Firefox OS simulator

Mozilla released its first Firefox OS simulator for devs three months ago, while the second version of the app went live in February.

Minimum specs confirmed for Firefox OS devices

Earlier this year, Mozilla debuted its first Firefox OS developer phones to showcase the nascent and rapidly evolving operating system.

Sony wants a FireFox OS handset

A number of industry heavyweights have committed to supporting smartphones running Mozilla’s nascent Firefox OS platform. And now Sony has announced its intention to launch a FireFox OS device in 2014.

Mozilla announces partners for Firefox OS

Mozilla says it's got 18 carriers signed up for its Firefox smartphones,  boosting the credibility of its new OS.

Mozilla debuts Firefox OS dev phones

Mozilla has been coding and refining its mobile-specific Firefox OS for quite some time now.

Running Firefox OS in your browser

So you've tried out Google's Chromebook, own an Android phone, use Apple's iPad and work on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows 8.

Early Firefox OS build gets ported to Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is perhaps one of the most hackable and popular bare-bone boards to hit the market over the past year.