Ubuntu (and Firefox) phones showcased at MWC 2014

The first phones running Ubuntu are scheduled to ship later this year.

Firefox OS runs on this tablet

Mozilla’s Asa Dotler recently confirmed that the company has begun testing its flagship Firefox OS on tablets. 

Video: LG debuts Firefox OS phone

LG has debuted its very first smartphone powered by Mozilla's Firefox operating system (OS).

Google Chrome gets a revamp

Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Linux and Firefox fall out of love

The long love affair between Linux users and Firefox appears to be over as the developers of Ubuntu talk about dropping the browser and replacing it with Chromium.

Mozilla says Apple is too closed for iOS Firefox

It's an old argument, but one that certainly rings true for Mozilla. Meaning, Firefox won't be returning to Apple's iPad or iPhone anytime soon.

Minimum specs confirmed for Firefox OS devices

Earlier this year, Mozilla debuted its first Firefox OS developer phones to showcase the nascent and rapidly evolving operating system.

Mozilla pulls Firefox 16 over security concerns

Just a day after its release, Firefox 16 has been pulled after the discovery of a serious security flaw.

Pearltrees iPhone app goes live

Pearltrees is routinely used to embed data related to a particular topic in a way that is easy to navigate.

Yes, Mozilla is prepping a Firefox smartphone

Mozilla claims industry support "is growing" for its plans to launch a lineup of HTML5-centric Firefox smartphones.

Mozilla Junior is Firefox for the iPad

If you've been craving a new user-friendly browser for your iPad, Mozilla has the answer.

Report: Chrome becomes top browser

In just a few short years, Google's Chrome browser has taken the world by storm.

Internet Explorer market share rises

Microsoft's Web browser may be experiencing a nice turnaround after years of nearly consistent decline.

Google will add "Do Not Track" to Chrome

If you use Chrome and you don't like the idea of Google tracking your every click and website visit, you will soon have a "do not track" option.

Mozilla’s Firefox is going Metro

The Mozilla Foundation is coding a specialized version of its flagship Firefox browser for Microsoft Windows 8 Metro. 

Bing gets in bed with Firefox

Microsoft has scored a victory in embedding its Bing search engine into Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

Report points to Chrome overtaking Firefox soon

It looks like Chrome is doing a pretty formidable job at becoming the new choice for Internet users who want something other than Internet Explorer.

Mozilla will not axe Firefox version numbers

If you can't keep track of what version of Firefox you are using now, you're not alone.

Study linking IE users to low IQ was a hoax

A seemingly legitimate study that showed Internet Explorer users as having starkly low IQs has turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

IE users have lower IQs

Still using Internet Explorer? Ooh, you thickie. According to Canadian psychometric consulting company AptiQuant, IE users have lower IQs.