Firefly Rumors Begin Buzzing Again

Guys, we know, we know…We know the Browncoats would love Firefly to come back, and hope was renewed when Veronica Mars was resurrected by crowd funding. And we know there’s plenty of fans who would love to plunk some money down in exchange for some swag, along with the bragging rights that they helped bring Firefly back.

Details on the Serenity Graphic Novel Emerge

We recently reported on TGD that a lot of stories are getting sequels and prequels through graphic novels, and Serenity / Firefly is one of them. It will be quite some time if we ever get a resurrection of Joss Whedon’s beloved space opera, but this graphic novel could definitely keep fans satisfied for a while. 

Serenity Graphic Novel Sequel: New Details Emerge

We recently reported here on TGD that while Firefly may not be back on TV any time soon, it will be returning as a graphic novel. This could be a great way to keep the Browncoat army happy, and we’ve been seeing several geek properties, like Pacific Rim, X-Files, an Frascape, that are continuing their stories through graphic novels.

Firefly is Returning as a Graphic Novel

Firefly has a huge cult following today, but what bewilders us at TGD is the Browncoat fanbase couldn’t keep the show alive when it was first on TV back in 2002, and the Browncoats weren’t there when it hit the big screen with Serenity either. 

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False alarm for a Firefly resurrection

It’s remarkable that Firefly has such a big audience today, especially since Joss Whedon could barely get anyone to watch the series when it first hit TV screens way back in 2002.

Kickstarted Veronica Mars film moves forward

It was a story that inspired many hopeful filmmakers and genre fans alike. The beloved show Veronica Mars launched a Kickstarter campaign that made $2 million in under twelve hours, and it resurrected the much beloved program from the dead.

Veronica Mars creator weighs in on Kickstarter

It’s one thing when young filmmakers are going to Kickstarter to try and get their movies funded, but many found it amazing that Veronica Mars was brought back to life with the help of the site as well.

Could Kickstarter help resurrect Terminator - the Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Last week the 'Net was all abuzz about the resurrection of Veronica Mars, courtesy of Kickstarter.

Could Kickstarter reignite Firefly?

A Kickstarter campaign recently raised an incredible $2.5 million dollars for a Veronica Mars movie, which then received a green light from Warner Brothers.

Firefly is back - as a board game

Firefly the Game - scheduled to hit shelves this Fall - is the first in a series of tabletop hobby and miniature board games from Gale Force 9 set in the Firefly universe.

Hope still burns for Firefly

We’re not trying to get anyone’s hopes up here, but we’re not the only ones who would love to see Firefly back one day.

Will Whedon return to Firefly?

Joss Whedon’s going to be a busy guy. He’s working on the script for Avengers 2, which has an iron-clad release date of ay 1, 2015, the same year we’ll have another Star Wars film.

Firefly: A Celebration reads every line

The most comprehensive Firefly companion book is available now.

Keeping your favorite genre show alive

Keeping a genre TV series on the air these days isn't exactly easy.

Firefly finally a ratings winner

Time has proven to be the best friend of Firefly, which wasn’t exactly considered a hit show when it first aired ten years ago, but it’s obviously managed to attract a very strong cult following today.

Celebrating Firefly's anniversary

We’ve written about the phenomenon of Firefly here on TG many times, and it’s amazing how much love there still is for a show that only lasted fourteen episodes.

Firefly special goes live in November

It really is remarkable how much love there is for Firefly these days, and it reminds me a bit of how Star Trek wasn’t a hit in its initial run, but later became one of the most important franchises in sci-fi history.

Why Firefly shouldn't return

We all know the story of Firefly, the sci-fi/western that went unappreciated for 10 episodes and was unceremoniously cancelled before even a full season run.

Joss Whedon's Firefly still burns bright

Pity Firefly. It’s always had everything going for it except a network that believed in Captain Mal and his crew.