IBM sells itself short

IBM lost a lucrative government contract because it made a bid for the work which was too low.

New-found atmospheric compound may affect climate and health

A previously unsuspected chemical process in the Earth's atmosphere is creating sulfuric acid, known to have a significant impact on climate and human health.

Top Finnish prosecutor wants to stop online hate speech

Authoritarian calls to monitor "dangerous language" used on the Internet are growing in Finland, with one senior government official claiming he is pursuing such an initiative for the public's own good.

GigsWiz makes buying music tickets social

There's really nothing social about buying a pass for a concert or music festival through a big ticketing agent.

What's inside Nokia's Helsinki HQ?

It seems like almost everyone in Finland has worked for Nokia at one time or another.

Finland adapts to Nokia's Windows Phone choice

Despite Nokia's recent 7,000 employee layoff, there seems to be a lot of love for the mega corporation throughout Finland.

Thinglink enables picture storytelling with sound, video, & Twitter

"Every picture is worth a thousand words," is a saying made true by Thinglink technology.

Startup Sauna heats up Finland

"We think beginning a startup is like going in the sauna. You go in naked, you sweat it out, the coaches throw some water on the stones and you come out feeling brand new," said Ville Simola of the Startup Sauna within the Aalto Venture Garage.

Amateur team to test manned spacecraft next week

A group of Danish amateurs will next week launch its own rocket - with plans for a manned flight to follow if all goes well.

Finland: "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of broadband"

Finland has just passed a law that makes it a government-guaranteed right for every citizen to have access to a high-speed Internet connection.