Lenovo bucks PC trend

Lenovo has pulled it off again. Although most PC peddlers are in the red, the company reported record PC shipments, annual sales, global market share and annual pre-tax income. 

Cisco turns its fortunes round

It appears that things are finally starting to turn around for the IT industry, after the industry bellwether Cisco published some decent results for once.

Sony in profit but all is not well

For the first time in five years, seppuku-prone gadget behemoth Sony has posted annual profits - but the company is far from out of the woods.

HTC revenues continue to fall

HTC has released its Q1 earnings and they are as bleak as ever. Revenues were down 37 percent to $1.45 billion, while profits dropped to just $2.8 million.

Amazon goes slower

Amazon's revenues slowed in the first quarter as the world's largest Internet retail struggled overseas.

Samsung gets boost from extra smartphone sales

Growing sales of its smartphones have helped Samsung reach a record quarterly profit.

Google continues to rake in the cash

Google made more than a few dollars in its latest quarter, raking in a cool $14 billion in revenue.

AMD in the red but things not looking black

AMD reported its Q1 numbers last night and they were slightly better than Wall Street’s expectations.

Apple shares lose their sparkle

Apple shares briefly dipped below $400 on Wednesday, hitting their lowest level since December 2011. Apple closed at $402.80, down 5.5 percent, after one of its key suppliers issued a disappointing forecast. 

Apple trader faces jail

A trader who thought that Apple was a safe bet faces 25 years in prison.