Iceland mulls online porn ban

Iceland is considering a ban on internet pornography, in a move that would make it the first western democracy to do so.

Google explains how it identifies spam

Some people ignore the very existence of their spam folder; others, though, have a check-through every now and again to see if they've missed anything vital.

Google filters news with "stand-out" content tag

In yet another attempt to filter the news, Google has announced a new HTML tagging system which it hopes will prioritize original features and cut out copy-cat churn from search results.

UK considers full block on internet porn

Just imagine the conversation. "Darling... Do you mind if we enable pornography?"

Blekko search engine takes Wiki approach

Undaunted by the experiences of Cuil, Clusty and many other hopefuls, another brave company is launching a new search engine. This time, the selling point is that it's a crowd-sourced affair which uses real live people to filter results.

Nano-filter could cut cost of clean drinking water

A Stanford University team has developed a new water purifier based on nanomaterials that could cut costs for clean drinking water dramatically.

New Gmail inbox prioritizes mail

Google's added a new feature to Gmail: a Priority Inbox allowing users to sift the important mail from the run-of-the-mill.