The gambit of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The second film in the new Sherlock Holmes franchise is hitting theaters this weekend.

Cowboys & Aliens Blu-ray review

Cowboys & Aliens was released earlier this year to great reviews and a good box-office take, and now Universal has released the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack with the extended edition of the film.

Philip K. Dick is now waiting for last year

Lila 9th and Electric Shepherd Productions have reportedly optioned Now Wait For Last Year from Philip K. Dick’s Estate - with Ted Kupper slated to write the screenplay.

Perfect Sense is a post-apocalyptic heartbreaker

IFC Films has released a full trailer for Perfect Sense, an upcoming post-apocalyptic outbreak romance with a talented cast.

The children of Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising

Transformers Prime is the current incarnation of the franchise on television. The story begins with Darkness Rising, a CGI animated pilot film which establishes the series conflict.

ROSA gets silver-screen deal

20th Century Fox has obtained the rights to ROSA, a short science fiction film released last month by Spanish comic book artist Jesús Orellana.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer is here

The first full trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, along with a brief introduction by Dwayne Johnson, is now live on YouTube.

New Battleship trailer scores direct hit

Hasbro has released its first full-length trailer for Battleship. Fortunately, this one is much more interesting than the short teaser that went live in July.

The Divide trailer is post-apocalyptic

Instinctive Film has released a clip from its upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller, The Divide. The clip offers us a look at the first couple minutes of the film, in which residents of a New York high-rise find their way into a basement level during an apparent nuclear attack.

The never ending story of John Carter

At a recent press event, Andrew Stanton, director of the upcoming John Carter, an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s A Princess of Mars, confirmed that he’s already planning a second and third film.

Bay may direct Transformers 4 after all

Hasbro, which owns hundreds of toy and game licenses, is currently in talks to produce several more films based on various franchises, including Transformers 4 and 5.

Indiana Jones may return

Steven Spielberg wasn’t exactly thrilled with the inclusion of certain fantastic elements - such as aliens - in the fourth installment of Indiana Jones.

First Trailer for Lockout gets punched

Production is wrapping up on Lockout, a sci-fi thriller from producer Luc Besson, who was also involved with the Fifth Element.

Whedon's Cabin in the Woods trailer is here

Lionsgate has released a theatrical trailer for its upcoming Whedon horror film, The Cabin in the Woods, which has been in post-production for almost two years.

Doctor Who movie won't be a Hollywood reboot

We recently confirmed that there was a Doctor Who film in development, with director David Yates looking for screenplay writers.

Dark Knight Rises gets a six-minute pre-release prologue

Warner Bros. has confirmed that there will be a special trailer for its upcoming Batman film, Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Cruise joins We are Mortals

Now that Cruise is finished with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it seems he wants to keep working, and interestingly enough, he’s lining up some great looking genre films.

Can a video game speak to the heart?

Peter Molyneux, the creative force behind the Fable series and the seminal god game Populous gave an emotive panel at SXSW on Sunday entitled "The Emotion Engine: Can a Video Game Speak to the Heart?"