New John Carter trailer leads a rebellion

A new full-length trailer for the upcoming film John Carter premiered this weekend during the Super Bowl. Due to its length format, the trailer probably won’t be seen on television again, so if you missed it, here it is.

Harrison Ford may appear in new Blade Runner

It’s been almost a year since we learned about the new Blade Runner film, which will be produced and directed by the creator of the original: the one and only Ridley Scott.

Leaked poster spoils Man of Steel details

An anonymous source has leaked an image of what appears to be a promotional poster for the upcoming Superman readaptation, Man of Steel.

New images released for LEGO Lord of the Rings

LEGO recently released a number of new images for its upcoming line of Lord of the Rings toys. First, an image of the entire fellowship of the ring mini-figure set.

Trailer for 7500 stows you under the seat

CBS Films has released the first trailer for its upcoming supernatural thriller, 7500. The film is about a plane which, while in flight over the Atlantic, has been taken over by an enigmatic presence. 

Stretch Armstrong gets a development reset

Relativity Media recently obtained the rights to create a film based on the once-popular toy franchise, and has apparently ditched all previous plans for the property put in place by Universal.

Snow White and the Huntsman images get dwarfed

One aspect we haven’t really seen in the various trailers, teasers and photos from Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman is the film's interpretation or portrayal of dwarves.

What will the new Spider-Man film look like?

There have been lots of rumors over the last few months regarding the plot and characters of the new Spider-Man film.

Disney picks up sci-fi adventure film from Chronicle scribe

It seems like all of the major studios are hunting right now for the next big young adult fantasy adventure franchise, and no wonder.

Monty Python writes a sci-fi comedy

Monty Python, the celebrated absurdist comedy troupe from the UK, hasn’t created anything together in some time.

New trailer for Lockout falls to Earth

FilmDistrict has released a new trailer for its upcoming thriller known as Lockout.

The fated arrivals of Batman: Year One

Last fall, Warner Bros. published an animated adaptation of Batman: Year One, the graphic novel on which Batman Begins was partially based, and the current canon origin story for The Bat.

Judge Dredd remake follows the comics

There has been a trend lately of remakes and reboots, much to the chagrin of many critics and fans.

In-canon blog appears for Hunger Games film

A new tumblr blog - which is being written in-canon for the upcoming Hunger Games adaptation - went live this week.

New Snow White and the Huntsman trailer seeks your heart

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for its upcoming Snow White adaptation, Snow White and the Huntsman.

George Lucas's Red Tails is finally here!

Red Tails, which George Lucas has promised will be his last film before retiring, is finally here. The verdict?

Joss Whedon kicks off casting for In Your Eyes

Joss Whedon certainly has a lot on his plate lately in terms of projects, but much of it is coming to an end.

Behind the scenes with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It sounds like a really goofy idea: take the live of Abraham Lincoln, often cited as the greatest US president, and throw in some vampires.

Disney crystallizes Frozen

The Snow Queen has been stuck in development hell over at Disney for almost a decade.

Avatar two-part sequel four years away

We’re going to have to wait a little longer than expected for more Avatar.