Rurouni Kenshin teaser slashes the face

Warner Bros has released the first teaser for its upcoming Japanese-language, sword-fighting action flick Rurouni Kenshin, based on the manga of the same name.

Cast for Evil Dead remake finalized

Sam Raimi has reportedly hired all the actors for the principle cast of his Evil Dead remake.

Battleship trailer isn’t from around here

Hasbro has released a new full-length trailer for its upcoming sci-fi adventure film, Battleship, based loosely on the boardgame of the same name.

Hunger Games featurette looks behind the scenes

Lionsgate has released a clip featuring behind the scenes Hunger Games footage in the form of two featurettes. Warning: lots of spoilers within, especially if you haven’t read the book.

The telegraphing of John Carter

The new film, based on the classic Burroughs novel, A Princess of Mars, is everything it claims to be and more.

Journey 3 in development

Despite a poor plot and even worse execution, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has somehow managed to make itself a financial success.

The missions of The Lorax

The Lorax film is based on the Doctor Seuss fantasy poem book by the same name.

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer bites the apple

Universal Pictures has released the Japanese theatrical teaser for its upcoming fantasy oriented film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Cabin in the Woods trailer can't escape

Lionsgate has released a theatrical trailer for its upcoming Whedon horror film, The Cabin in the Woods, which has been in post-production for almost two years.

Bill & Ted are ready for more

Keanu Reeves has confirmed that a script is ready for yet another installment of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Hunger Games clip makes an impression

Lionsgate Films has released another new clip from its upcoming sci-fi thriller The Hunger Games. Warning - some spoilers follow.

More Muppet films on the way

After disappearing for over a decade, Disney has managed to bring back the Muppets in a big way.

Sony Pictures to adapt Bloodshot

Sony Pictures is moving ahead with plans to adapt the Valiant comics line Bloodshot into a feature film.

Womb trailer makes a new copy

Olive Films has released the first trailer for its upcoming sci-fi drama, Womb, and it’s a bit creepy. I don’t mean scary clown make-up creepy. I mean Oedipus complex creepy.

Hunger Games clip hits the mark

Lionsgate Films has released a new clip from its upcoming young adult sci-fi thriller The Hunger Games. Warning - some spoilers follow.

Indie sci-fi Archetype snags Chronicle producer

Archetype is an impressive indie clip produced and directed by Aaron Sims of White Rock Lake Productions.

Day of the Triffids readaptation in development

It’s been over a year since Sam Raimi, the famous creator of the Evil Dead franchise, purchased the film rights to The Day of the Triffids.

The Raven Trailer hides under the floor

Relativity Media has released a new TV spot for The Raven, a Poe-inspired crime thriller starring John Cusack.

John Carter sneak peek fights the white ape

Disney has released an extended clip from its upcoming film, John Carter, which is based on the Burroughs novel, A Princess of Mars.

Warner Bros. to adapt Bleach

Though perhaps not has well known as Akira, Bleach maintains a loyal following with a respectable number of devoted fans in both Japan and the US.