Latest Brave trailer is rebellious

Pixar has released a new full length trailer for its upcoming animated Highlands adventure, Brave.

Dragon Age film gets one-night theatrical event

Funimation has announced that Dawn of the Seeker, an upcoming film based on the RPG Adventure game Dragon Age, will have an extremely limited theatrical run.

The survivors of The Darkest Hour Blu-ray

The special edition Blu-ray for the alien invasion flick is ready for your collection.

LEGO app moves the super heroes

LEGO has rolled out a new iPhone app which allows users to easily create stop motion videos.

Is JJ Abrams holding Star Trek hostage?

New Star Trek television may happen, but only at the behest of J.J. Abrams.

Muppets sequel will be a caper

Plans are under way at Walt Disney Studios for the upcoming sequel to the most recent Muppets movie.

The Raven clips burst through the floor

Relativity Media has posted new clips from its upcoming Poe-inspired, alternate history crime thriller The Raven.

Prometheus promo understands human emotion

20th Century Fox has released another promotional video for Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Prometheus.

Warner Bros. eyes Lore adaptation

IDW’s graphic novel Lore has been up for bidding since 2010, with several film studios expressing interest in the title.

The deductions of Sherlock Holmes on Screen

Sherlock Holmes on Screen: The Complete Film and Television History is a well researched guide to every television and film adaptation of Sherlock Holmes up until last year. 

Area 407 trailer crashes in the wrong field

IFC Midnight has released a trailer for its upcoming found-footage sci-fi thriller Area 407.

We Are Mortals casting picks up

Warner Bros. has kicked off secondary casting for We Are Mortals, signaling that the development phase may be nearing its end.

Final Nolan Batman film novelization announced

Titan Books has announced that it will be publishing an adaptation of Warner Bros. upcoming Batman trilogy conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises.

Brave previews wake the bear

Disney has released two preview clips for Brave, an upcoming animated medieval adventure film.

The artificial gravity of Lockout

Lockout is a prison-break action flick in space. Guy Pearce is the surly secret agent Snow, tasked with rescuing the president’s daughter, played by Maggie Grace, from a maximum security prison in low orbit, which has been taken over by inmates.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer created a monster

Columbia Pictures has released a new international trailer for its upcoming super hero action flick The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Raven clip reads along

Relativity Media has posted a clip from its upcoming Poe-inspired, alternate history crime thriller The Raven.

Looper trailer loses itself

TriStar Pictures has released the first trailer for Looper, an upcoming time-travel combat thriller.

Avengers videos count the front lines

Marvel has released a bevy of new videos promoting its upcoming super hero ensemble film The Avengers.

Development begins on Night of the Living

Famed director Tim Burton and Seth Grahme-Smith are slated to team up on a stop-motion monster film.