Rumor: Neuromancer film attempts casting

Writer-director Vincenzo Natali is reportedly looking for stars to fill out his attempt at adapting the classic cyberpunk novel.

The secrets of the Dark Knight

Two new books about the gothic world of the Dark Knight offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of gritty Gotham, the caped crusader, his allies and enemies.

Massive Potter box gets detailed

Warner Bros. has posted a video detailing its upcoming Harry Potter Wizard's Collection DVD/Blu-ray collector's box.

Confirmed: The Hobbit will be a trilogy

Veteran genre director Peter Jackson has officially confirmed that The Hobbit is being re-cut as a trilogy rather than the originally planned dilogy.

Total Recall spot is still in the chair

Sony Pictures has posted a new TV spot for its upcoming science fiction reboot of the classic Total Recall.

Silent Hill Revelation trailer goes to hell

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for its upcoming Silent Hill sequel.

Battle Royale wont go hungry on the small screen

The CW is currently in talks to produce a serial based on the book that was killed by wildly popular Hunger Games.

Frankenweenie pictures love science

Disney has released a series of  high-detail, non-production images from its upcoming monster movie parody, Frankenweenie.

Cloud Atlas trailer sails through the ages

Just a day after releasing a slew of new photos from The Wachowskis' new fantasy epic, Warner Bros. has posted the first trailer for Cloud Atlas.

The time-travel romance of Time and Again

Lionsgate has announced that it is developing a film adaptation of the classic time-travel romance, Time and Again.

After trailer might still be dreaming

Seaborne Pictures has released the first trailer for its upcoming psychological thriller, After.

Cloud Atlas photos make an impact

A number of cast photos for the Wachowskis’ new fantasy epic, Cloud Atlas have tipped up online.

Life of Pi trailer passes the Zebra

20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for its upcoming high-seas fantasy, Life of Pi.

Tank Girl creator wants a new film

Alan Martin, co-creator of the Tank Girl comic book, says he is interested in working on adapting another Tank Girl film.

The Bourne Legacy featurette worries about Jason

Universal Pictures has posted the first featurette for its upcoming fantasy spy thriller, The Bourne Legacy.

Hathaway willing to return to Nolan’s Gotham

Anne Hathaway stands ready for more Catwoman action.

All You Need is Kill is a go

Warner Bros. is ready to kick off production of its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

First episode of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens comes in for a landing

Liquid Comics has posted the first chapter of the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens motion comic online.

Man of Steel teaser finds two voices

Warner Brothers has released a two teaser trailers for its new Superman adaptation, Man of Steel.

Hunger Games - the splitting of MockingJay

Lionsgate recently confirmed that MockingJay - the upcoming conclusion to its wildly popular franchise - will be split into two films.