Ericsson: File-sharing is not the problem

Isn’t it funny how a technology company can claim that file-sharing is evil and it gets huge amounts of press, but when a technology giant says that file-sharing isn’t the problem, it gets very little?  

Grandma gets three years probation for file-sharing

A 58-year-old Scottish grandmother has been sentenced to three years probation for offering up music files via an unnamed Direct Connect hub.

Georgia State University persecutes file-sharing students

Georgia's Valdosta State University is currently tracking students engaged in file-sharing activity. Individuals caught using P2P software are likely to face disciplinary action and may even be turned in to the police.

Digital partisans rescue LimeWire from Hollywood fascists

A clandestine team of digital partisans has successfully rescued the LimeWire file-sharing client from greedy Hollywood fascists.

FTC ticks off dozens of firms over security breaches

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned almost 100 organisations that they're making personal information about their customers available to all and sundry.