Kim Dotcom launches 'legal' Mega site

A year to the day after the raid on his New Zealand house, Kim Dotcom has launched his new file sharing site, Mega.

Kim Dotcom announces Megaupload replacement

File-sharing fat boy Kim Dotcom has unveiled a new service, Mega, the successor to the Megaupload service that's got him in so much trouble.

Use BitTorrent? You're being watched

Anyone foolhardy enough to download content from file-sharing service BitTorrent is likely to find their activity's being monitored within hours.

Depressed students surf the net differently

Surfing the internet randomly and using file-sharing programs may be a sign of depression, say researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Claim: US government personnel used MegaUpload

The legal saga surrounding the file sharing and storage website is obviously far from over, as hearings to extradite Kim Dotcom to the States for trial won't kick off until the summer.

FileSonic shutters file sharing service

FileSonic - one of the net's highest-profile digital locker services - has abruptly halted its file sharing service.

Megaupload shut down; Anonymous takes revenge

With public outcry over the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act at its height, the Department of Justice has shut down file-sharing site Megaupload, describing it as an 'international organized criminal enterprise'.

Sweden recognizes file sharing as official religion

They're tolerant folk in Sweden - and if you want proof, here comes the news that file sharing is now an official religion there.

18 million alleged file-sharers tracked in France

Since last October, French lawmakers have been gunning for illegal file-sharers in a three-strike system under the auspices of "Hadopi" anti-piracy legislation.

Limewire settles with music industry for $105 million

LimeWire has finally agreed to pay $105 million for promoting illegal filesharing after a protracted five-year legal battle with record execs.

Just 100 users responsible for two-thirds of illegal file sharing

A tiny group of users is responsible for the great majority of BitTorrent activity, according to Spanish researchers.

BitTorrent gets decentralized

The latest iteration of the cross-platform Tribler BitTorrent client offers a "revolutionary decentralized" approach to file sharing.

Illegal file sharers do it 'cos it's cool

Most illegal file sharers see themselves as the 'Robin Hoods of the digital age', new research shows.

Thousands of defendants escape BitTorrent lawsuit

A huge file-sharing legal case has been slashed in size, with over 4,400 defendants being let off the hook.

Limewire to close legal business too

Just weeks after closing down its file-sharing site after a four-year legal battle, Limewire has announced that it is shutting its legal online store too.

Google looks to identify searches for pirated content

Google's aiming to pick out searches for illegal content as part of a crack-down on copyright infringement.

LimeWire suffers copyright infringement of its own

If LimeWire - recently shut down for encouraging illegal downloads - is to be believed, it may be issuing a few copyright letters of its own.

Court awards $1.5 million in music piracy case

Minnesota woman Jammie Thomas-Rassett has been ordered by yet another court to pay the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) for illegally downloading songs, this time being told she must stump up $1.5 million.

LimeWire squeezed out of existence

File-sharing site LimeWire has finally thrown in the towel and has closed down, following a ruling from a New York judge.

Studio goes after porn pirates

Bad news arrives for fans of big Brazilian bottoms.